"Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary "

created by nature

harvested with compassion

"Hempur is a Swedish plant-based company on a mission to
create sustainable daily use products in harmony with nature"

The Plant of The Future


Bamboo is  the fastest growing grass in the world, a sustainable solution to the ever growing demand.


After being harvested, bamboo regrows without being replanted, and uses minimal resources such as water and energy.

Soft and Smooth

Bamboo is a renewable plant that grows naturally without pesticides! The long fibers makes it extra smooth and a  great choice for sensitive skin.


Hempurs mission is to create sustainable daily used products that is in harmony with people and planet!

We use our certificates as guidelines and requirement to ensure that our sustainability work throughout the whole value chain.

Buy one, plant one!

For every Hempur product labeled with 

Buy one, Plant one” symbol, We plant a tree,  for a better World for you and me!

Join our journey  of creating a better environment for nature and people through the world!

Giving back, By giving a crap!





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Floating like a bee🐝, saving a tree🌳! What could it be!?
Must be a plantbased company, working on realizing their dream - Planting one tree for every human being 🕊💚🌱
Give back, By giving a crap 🌱💚
💚An encouraging love letter to my fans 📖

💚 An encouraging love letter to all my fans 📖

I just want to remind you that you are beautiful the way you are, as nature created you to be without any bleach or make up.

When you realize the beauty within, then all you want to do is to share the love and give back! 

I believe that we are all far more powerful than we could imagine💥 Who could have thought that me - A bamboo toilet paper and my silky smooth sister Facial Tissue would impact the world by planting trees in Africa!? 🌱

I beilieve in you beautiful friend 🙏🏾 
Greatings from your softest and most intimate partner in crime 🤣

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Say hello to our newest friend 💚🙋🏽‍♂️

The Silky smooth bamboo Facial Tissue in a plastic-free bamboo box.

Super Soft ✅
Unbleached ✅
Dust Free ✅

Available online and stores close to you soon.

Buy one, Plant a Tree 🌱
Follow our journey at💚
Allow us to introduce our latest member in the Hempur Family, our beloved;

FSC-Bamboo Kitchen Towel 🎋

Key features
• Super Absorbent
• Dust Free
• Unbleached 

Buy one, Plant a Tree 🌱

Soon available in a store close to you, stay tuned 🙏🏾

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Impact Announcement 🔊💚🌳🌏

Our vision when starting this business was to make as much impact on people and planet as possible🌍

We proudly present our Give-Back initiative!

For every purchased product labeled with "Buy one, Plant a tree" we plant trees and provide jobs in the most rural areas.

Follow our journey to plant 7 billion trees, 1 tree for every human being! 🌍💚🌳

Learn more at

Give back, by giving a Crap!
🎋Bamboo Wisdom 💚
Less is more, unless its kindness, sleep or toiletpaper 💚