A calling from nature

The story of the founders

Hempur’s journey began with two best friends, driven entrepreneurs, whom wanted to create a positive change in the world!

Sitting at home one day asking themselves a question – How can we create a business that creates positive impact? The answer to that question would change the narrative of their destiny –Bamboo Toilet paper!

When doing research they found out that 27,000 trees are harvested and flushed down the toilet everyday. The demand for paper was growing rapidly and the global population was increasing from 7.5 billion to 10 billion people by year 2030.

If bamboo toilet paper could solve this global problem, they asked themselves how they could combine their innovation skills and swedish design to tackle more global problems.

The result became Hempur International – A plantbased company who provide daily use products that in harmony with nature!

“The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”


Our vision is to make it easy for people to live in harmony with nature


Hempur  are characterized by a set of values based on  life lessons. It is the combination of these lessons implemented that is unique and sets Hempur products apart from the rest.

Boldness Dare to be different

Innovation is in our nature. Our main focus is problem solving and we love to come up with unconventional solutions.

Design Keep it simple, less is more. We believe in clear communication and we let our products speak for themselves. 

Sustainability – A continuous work of creating new ways to help us and future generations to live in harmony with nature.

Social Responsibility is about showing gratitude by giving back.


Our mission is to offer plant-based eco friendly products that preserve animals and nature for present and future generations.